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     Brian Salmon, President & Owner     

About Us


      On a dark stormy California night in 1969, a beautiful baby boy came into the world kicking and screaming and he hasn’t stopped since. In 1987, Brian began his imaging career by running films for a mobile MRI company and fell in love with imaging. He was receiving his degree in Radiology and went on to receive certification from the American Registry of Radiological Technologist (AART) in 1991 (presently not current), He studied at the University of California at Irvine in biology and chemistry with an emphasis in pathophysiology and conducted clinical research in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) He has worked for DHS, Radnet, GE, and Phillips Medical Group as well as owning and operating imaging centers. When he went to his own 3D/4D appointment for his first daughter, he realized that his imaging skill and his excitement as an expectant parent would be a perfect fit for a new center.

      This experience drove his decision to open BabyVision Ultrasound in 2005. Brian has four daughters: Daisy, Eva, Cheyanne and Addisyn. His love for parenting, children, and the excitement of pregnancy make every day at BabyVision amazing as they share such an important and fun time with the families of San Antonio. Brian is also an educator for the Methodist Hospital System. He teaches new fathers Rocking Dads and is currently working on a curriculum for postpartum team building for new parents.


      Brian is a DONA trained Doula and has trained as a Birth Mentor. Brian is an Author and a personality represented by Gersh Talent Agency   What makes Brian unique is his ability to marry the medical and natural aspects of birth and find a happy medium if necessary in a non-judgmental space. If you are in need of a pregnancy mentor or help with your journey into parenthood, Brian is your guy!

      Check out his other sites to find out more.

 Jerome T. Washington, M.D. Medical Director   

Jerome T. Washington, MD, is a board-certified obstetrics and gynecology physician at Washington OB-GYN & Washington Wellness in San Antonio, Texas. He has many years of experience caring for patients aged 8-80 years old in a variety of settings. Dr. Washington establishes quality, long-lasting patient relationships built on trust, caring, and professionalism.

He offers health, wellness, and cosmetic solutions that match a patient’s unique needs. Dr. Washington spends as much time as needed with patients to answer their questions, discuss concerns, and make them feel comfortable.

Dr. Washington is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and highly trained in aesthetics. He maintains his advanced credentials with continuing education to stay up to date with the latest advancements in his field.

He looks forward to helping patients maximize their health, look and feel great, and improve their overall well-being. Dr. Washington warmly welcomes patients to Washington OB-GYN & Washington Wellness. Dr. Washington is also a partner at SA IV Center with Brian.

To make an OBGYN or Biote Hormone replacement, call his office at :



Why Choose BabyVision

Over 80,000 Babies Seen Since 2005

5 Stars on Google and Yelp for 18 years of service

We welcome “Walk-ins”everyday!


Bring your family and children with you!

  1. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our incredible customer service is one of the main reasons that more than 40% of our new clients come from direct referral! We know your baby is important to you and you are both important to us!

  2. OUR CREDIBILITY – More than 125 San Antonio OB/GYN’s recommend BabyVision Ultrasound to their patients. Led by 26 years of imaging experience and BabyVision Ultrasound only uses ARDMS and Registry eligible sonographers.

  3. RETURN POLICY – Our #1 goal is to provide all our clients with the best possible pictures of their baby. However due to many factors, it’s not always a guarantee that your baby will be cooperative on your first visit. If we are unable to obtain pictures of your baby, our commitment to you is we will bring you back at NO CHARGE, as many times as it takes. Most other 4D ultrasound facilities will charge an additional fee if you’d like to come back. 

  4. 10 YEARS SERVING SAN ANTONIO – with the trust of the community, BabyVision Ultrasound works with all of the hospital systems. Ask your OB who they trust.

  5. EXPERIENCE - Medical Director who is an active OB/GYN in San Antonio with over 15 years in medicine.

  6. Our location is convenient and spa like with plenty of room. We also have 3 viewing screens up to 100 inches!

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